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Santa Sessions

from any distance

We've already missed out on so much this year. The treasured yearly photos with Santa shouldn't have to be one of those things. 

Here are the great things about these Santa sessions:


1. You can live in any state.

2. You can use any photo: kids, pets, couple, etc.

3. You can use any photo that you love: professional or cell pic.

4. You get 3 templates to choose from.

What will you get?

1. One high res digital download with print release (no watermark).

2. One low res digital with my watermark on it for sharing on social media.

How will this work?

You will click on this link and choose the image(s) you want. You can purchase them individually or there are discounts on packages-Be sure to get the coupon codes below. Check out and upon receiving your purchase confirmation, forward the confirmation email ALONG with attached photos you want us to include to:

Discounts are taken upon checkout. 

*Emails with attached photos MUST be received within 24 hours of purchase or else the purchase will be cancelled and funds returned. 

Small print:

1. We will not be altering the photo you send us to use in ANY way other than adjusting the size unless Ashlie Nicole Photography finds it necessary to get it to fit the rest of the image.

2. If you want any alterations to be made for your photo there will be an additional fee and you must contact us directly by email for special requests:

3. Turn around time is 2 weeks or less. 

4. Sales tax is required for North Carolina residents. 

Three templates to choose from:


One image

Before 11/30: $25

After 11/30: $40

Coupon code: ONEIMAGE

*Sales tax is required for NC residents.

Two images

Before 11/30: $45

After 11/30: $75

Coupon code: TWOIMAGES

*Sales tax is required for NC residents.

All 3 images

Before 11/30: $65

After 11/30: $110

Coupon code: ALL3IMAGES

*Sales tax is required for NC residents.

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