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About the Sensory Friendly

Santa Sessions

The Clauses and the team at Ashlie Nicole Photography (ANP) saw a need for families who don't normally get pictures with Santa due to special needs or sensory issues. After talking and visiting a few centers/ministries as well as parents with special needs children, we decided to create a session that will hopefully be more successful in creating a positive "Santa experience". We know that the normal Santa setting can be very overwhelming for most children and even more so when there are sensory issues involved. With this is mind, we set out to create an environment that will be more calm, safe, and not rushed. And hopefully with a lot of the major triggers removed, we will get some sweet, special photos of your child/children with Santa and Mrs. Claus. Based on our previous experience, some kids will struggle to get close, and that's ok! There's time for them "warm up" through book reading, playing with toys, snowballs, etc. Even if the photos we get aren't "traditional", we aim to create a better experience for your family! Oh! And because we know that taking care of these special children can be draining financially, we partnered with people and businesses to make this almost free for you! All we ask is a $25 booking fee to reserve your spot!


All Santa sessions will be held in the Special Buddies ministry area at Kingsland Baptist Church @20555 Kingsland Blvd/ Katy, TX 77450. This area has its own entrance, is wheel chair accessible, has restrooms, and best of all, is a GREAT, safe, special needs/sensory friendly play space while you're waiting. Here are a few images of what you will see:

What to expect:

1. 20 minute session (5 minute buffer on either side of session) with opportunity to build rapport with The Clauses and the photographer/assistant.


2. No waiting in lines.

3. No loud public venues.

4. Soft lighting with non-flash photography

5. Sessions custom tailored to meet your child's needs (to be communicated via questionnaire)

6. Varied pose options with Santa depending on child's comfort level (interaction with Santa/Santa in background while child plays in foreground, etc. 

Here are some images from last year's set:

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