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Your memories deserve to be seen.

How do you want to use your images?

As part of your boutique service, I will help you plan, visualize, and implement the actual use of your new images so you can enjoy them daily instead of just letting them sit on your hard drive. 

The process:

Step 1. Read through this page to get some ideas on how you want to use your images, products you like, etc.

Step 2. Read the instructions on how to take a picture of your wall and then email it to me.

Step 3. Take this survey to help me better plan and design products that will fit in your home.

Step 4. Sit back and let me do the work!

Some things to think about:

1. Do you want to look at your images on your wall or hold them in your hands?


2. Would you rather have

     a. a decorative photo box sitting on your coffee table with                    mounted prints inside or

     b. a photobook to glance through when you're ready to show

         off your family?


3. What kind of wall art do you currently have in your house? Canvas? Frames? Wood?


4. Which wall(s) do you have space that you want to fill?

Step 1: Check out some of these beautiful display options

for your hands

For your hands... Click on the photo to read more about the product. (photo box photos not my images)

For your walls... 

Framed art. Possible frames for your memories.

Other wall art. Click on the photo to read more about the product

For your walls

Step 2: Let's take a photo of your wall!

Did you know that I can show you what your images will look like on your own walls?

All I need is a photo of the wall you would like to use. Follow the simple instructions on this page:

How to take a photo of your wall

Email or text me the image by your session (or submit it on step 3) and I'll work some photo magic!

step 2
step 3

Step 3:
Fill out this quick questionnaire 

(it won't take long, I promise!)

By answering a few short questions it will help me get an idea of your vision, design preferences, and color schemes so I can best provide options that will "capture" your needs.

Fill out the questionnaire now

Step 4: Sit back and relax. I'll do the work.


You'll see designs on your walls and other product ideas customized just for you at our reveal meeting after your session.

Remember to review the "What to Expect" guide before your session.

I look forward to serving you!

step 4
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