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What is a Reveal/Design meeting? Why this new service?

It is a meeting set in the studio or via Zoom, a virtual meeting room. During this meeting the parents/family will enjoy the excitement together as we look at your images for the first time. We'll choose your favorites together and then I will help you plan and design how you will use your images based on what you tell me ahead of time via a questionnaire and photographs of your home. The number one complaint from my clients is that they never end up using the images I give them so I listened! I have added this boutique service for YOU, so that you not only get help ordering wall art and other products with your images, but through special software, I am able to show you what the images will look like on your own walls!

Do I have to come into the studio?

No. While some clients prefer to come into the studio to see their images on a bigger screen, see the products in person, & create more of a "family event" out of it, it is understandable that sometimes schedules just don't allow for that. It is also an option to have a virtual meeting online via Zoom. I will send a meeting link-you just need to have a computer equipped with a camera and microphone. I just ask that all "decision makers" are present during the meeting: 1. To enjoy the excitement of seeing the images, 2. So that the meeting can go quickly and it's easier to make decisions.


While most parents prefer some time away, children are welcome in the studio!

When will this meeting take place?

I will send you some possible dates & times around the time of your photoshoot or shortly after. There will be daytime and nighttime meeting times available. I try to have these meetings within 3 weeks of your photoshoot while the excitement is still fresh.

Do I have to make a decision during the meeting?

No, but I often offer discounts for orders finalized at the time of the meeting. Also, to insure a timely turn around on your order, I schedule that time to just take care of you. So if decisions are delayed, so can ordering time. All orders must be placed within a week after our meeting or else the remaining balance will have to be applied to a future photoshoot within the same calendar year. Balances not used within the same calendar year will be forfeited.

What if I just want digitals?

That is totally up to you! However, we still need to choose the digitals you want at this meeting. I find that most of my clients who only order digitals end up being disappointed because they never actually do anything to display those precious memories that are now stored on their computers.

What other products do you offer?

I specialize in mounted prints, canvas, wood prints, metal prints, framed art, photo books, and photo boxes. Other items like announcements and specialty wall art are available upon request. You can see some of the wall art examples on my website and blog.

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