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Vermont Experience

Having never been to the northeast part of the country before, I had to go off of what I’ve seen in the movies and what others have told me. I realize that I didn’t go when the leaves are changing, which seems to have been a big loss (so I’m told); but ultimately, it’s God who controls when these babies will be born. I know how much us moms would like to control that one though!

To say that it was picturesque is an understatement. I drove from Boston to Randolph, Vermont, and I only saw about 3 stores on the side of the road. The rest of the highway was completely lined with a mountainous tree line, which I can only imagine glows with vivid colors during autumn. Everywhere I looked, within Randolph and the surrounding area, was out of a storybook. I imagined myself taking photographs on every corner. If you weren’t looking at fabulous, rustic architecture, then you were looking at the scenic farm landscape. I was completely surrounded by beauty.

I had the privilege of visiting Silloway Farms, where I was fascinated to learn the process of making maple syrup. Did you know it takes about 40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of syrup? This family run business is surrounded by gorgeous rolling hills and is definitely worth the visit if you’re in the area. Make sure to ask them about their syrup on snow! Check out Silloway Farms!

Evidently, a trip to Randolph isn't complete without a visit to the famous floating bridge as well as taking in the beauty of several old churches that stand as a testament to the beauty of our faith. Another endearing encounter was that of the vegetable store of Pebble Brook Farms. It is an "honor system" type of store where you leave the suggested amount and take the vegetables, meat, ice cream, or whatever else they have in season that your heart desires! Not only was I intrigued by the purity of this system, but was enthralled with the beauty of their barn store.

The most important reason that I was there was for the Pickens family. I met Amanda back in middle school. I am blessed to say that as much as I liked her then, I was even more amazed to see what an incredible mom, wife, and friend she’s become now. Her multi-talented hubby, Mike, has already spent one career in the military where he served to protect the life that we enjoy stateside, while helping those he encountered in other nations. He’s moved on to another career now; but while home on paternity leave, he helps take care of their 4 girls and is attacking projects on their 1890’s Victorian home. The house begs to tell its story, and I wish I could’ve spent more time documenting it. However, I was there to meet and document the newest addition to the family, Ella Kay. The Pickens have an incredible testimony of faith and infertility, and they have been blessed by 3 miracle babies, which adds up to 4 gorgeous girls!

The Pickens run the cutest Airbnb apartment; so, if you’re ever in the area, you need to be sure to stay with them and experience their incredible hospitality.

Check out the Pickens' Airbnb!

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