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Fine Art Newborn Portraits

I don't consider myself much of a writer, but I have heard it said, "A picture is worth a thousand words." I am not sure who deserves the credit for that statement, but indeed, images and photos do tell an incredible story. And, I LOVE to tell these stories. As I have grown as a photographer, I have discovered new and unique ways to tell these stories. One of the newest creative expressions is through Fine Art Newborn Portraits.

My passion for capturing life's moments and memories goes beyond the lens of the camera. I have the privilege of dreaming with my clients from start to finish. Fine Art Newborn Portraits allow me to take ordinary, simple images and transform them into magical masterpieces! The possibilities for what we can create are endless!

Fine Art Newborn Portraits begin with a photo session in the safety and comfort of my studio. Babies are photographed using various positioners and props. These images can be added on to any package and will be included in the larger ones. The images below are a few examples of the before and after transformation.


To set up this "before" image, I used a bowl with pads in it, a solid colored cloth drape and a sweet, snuggly wrapped up baby.


The final image is a stunning Fine Art Newborn Portrait full of

Christmas whimsy and wonder. If you look closely, we even managed to insert an ornament that was given to the baby to commemorate her first noel.


The before image of this sweet baby boy was set up using a posing bed, infant positioner and a simple, soft blue wrap.


I adore the final image...

A Fine Art Portrait of this real life "Cabbage Patch" baby.

If you are expecting or adopting or just in search for a newborn photographer in the Katy or Houston Metro area, I would love to dream with you and tell your story. Please contact me at or click here for more information.

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