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Finding joy in loss.

Most of the time when I am contacted by a client it is because they are inviting me into their lives to document joyful moments, big milestones, and the changing faces of their kids. But this email was different. Little did I know how much this email would impact my life. It was from an expectant mother who wanted newborn photos..."but" she said, "he has been diagnosed with Trisomy 13 and has a short life expectancy. He may not leave the hospital." And just like that I found myself connected with a family in a way I had never experienced before. The honor of their trust and the emotional weight of what they were going through was overwhelming.

As heartbreaking as their story is, they wanted to document the few short days they got with their precious baby boy. To have photos to remember him by and to hold in their hearts and minds forever. What is even more remarkable is that they wanted me to share their story and photos to help encourage other parents who are currently going through, or may go through, heartbreaking times. To encourage others to have photos made even when it's tough. Memories fade and the stories will be limited, but the photos will last forever.

The Kims would tell you to enjoy the time you get with your loved ones, no matter how long it is. No, the setting wasn't perfect for this session-a small space in a dark NICU. And we weren't able to take the tubes and wires away, but I hope you will see the beauty in these images for what they were....part of Jeffrey's story.

If you know someone going through a similar situation and would benefit from a photoshoot like this, please contact me. It would be my honor to serve them and offer a small piece of joy in the midst of pain.

Feel free to watch the video or look through the collage of images below. Then please take a moment to treasure your loved ones and let them know.

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