Fairy tales aren't just for humans.

Do you find yourself trying to escape this strange new reality we live in? Laughing a little too hard at all the memes circulating, binge watching your newest favorite show, avoiding the news & reality at all costs? We all need some laughter and hope right now. And that's why I want to focus on a little bit of joy. Puppies.

Like a lot of people, we got a Covid dog last March. Our last dogs passed away a few years ago so we have been pet free for a while. If you don't count the occasional fish. The kids have been begging but I felt like I was doing all I could manage to feed and take care of a family of five and run a small business. Well, when we found ourselves stuck at home we took advantage of the time and got our Bella. We normally rescue pets but felt like this mini-goldendoodle would be a perfect fit for what our famil