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Fairy tales aren't just for humans.

Do you find yourself trying to escape this strange new reality we live in? Laughing a little too hard at all the memes circulating, binge watching your newest favorite show, avoiding the news & reality at all costs? We all need some laughter and hope right now. And that's why I want to focus on a little bit of joy. Puppies.

Like a lot of people, we got a Covid dog last March. Our last dogs passed away a few years ago so we have been pet free for a while. If you don't count the occasional fish. The kids have been begging but I felt like I was doing all I could manage to feed and take care of a family of five and run a small business. Well, when we found ourselves stuck at home we took advantage of the time and got our Bella. We normally rescue pets but felt like this mini-goldendoodle would be a perfect fit for what our family needed. And because I'm a photographer and business was shut down for a while, I got creative and did a newborn session with the dog instead.

Because who doesn't love newborn puppy portraits? This little girl has brought much laughter and snuggles, and of course puppy biting. We could've done without the biting. Did you know puppies have shark teeth? Anyway, we've dressed her up, played hide and seek, fetch, and anything else we could teach her easily. Yes, a day doesn't pass without someone declaring in frustration, "Bella!", but the good times and laughter definitely outweigh the inconveniences. The point of this blog isn't just to tell you about our dog. Stick with me. ;)

So what do you do when the newest member of your family turns one? You have a cake smash photoshoot of course! And because our little princess is named similar to a favorite fairy tale character, we couldn't resist planning a photo set all around that theme!

So while doing newborn dog portraits and a one year cake smash session have been a good distraction and chance to be creative in this strange new world we find ourselves in, I'm also SO thankful to have these memories. They represent so much more than a dog's milestones. They represent joy in the midst of darkness, laughter in the midst of sadness, and fantasy in the midst of harsh reality. How much more important is it to mark these special moments with your children?

So whether you have fur kids or human kids, or both, please don't miss out on documenting these memories. Don't let the pandemic steal your joy or the special milestones we more easily marked before. If Ashlie Nicole Photography can help you capture these moments, we'd love to help. At the very least we'd love to see how you are commemorating these milestones in your family! Be sure to comment and share your favorite milestone pics!


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