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What to expect in your cake smash session

1. Upon arrival, I will have a blanket and toys out to give your little one time to adjust to the studio as well as to me.

2. Once he/she starts interacting with me, I will have you move them to the set where I will be waiting in place to be ready to snap the photos quickly!

3. Your little one may smile and make a mess and have a blast! OR they may cry, stare blankly, or refuse to touch the cake. Remember that all of these reactions are normal and still make for adorable photos. Don't stress if they don't act like you think they will. I'm a mom and understand the unpredictable emotions of babies/toddlers!

4. If you've opted to have a milk bath after the smash, please let me know if there are any food allergies. I usually use almond milk to make the water milky and will use an alternative if allergies are an issue.

5. Often babies who don't like the cake will relax and splash in the bath-but not always. Again, all the emotions/faces make for great photos!

6. My studio is comfortable but not huge. There really is not room for more than 2-3 adults for your session. Also, siblings usually only serve as a distraction and can make the baby on edge. If possible I suggest leaving siblings at home. 

7. My studio is in my home in a newly renovated space above my garage. We are still waiting to add on the exterior door so let me know when you arrive and we will enter through the garage entrance. 

109 Partridge Bluff Dr. NE

Concord, NC 28025

There are two parking spots to the left side of the drive way in front of the garage. Feel free to park there!


What to bring


1. Please bring a favorite toy &/or lovie. This can help them feel comfortable in a strange place. 

2. The cake. Remember that you are in charge of bringing the cake.

3. Also please bring their favorite small snack-puffs, yogurt drops, etc. Sometimes if they won't touch the cake I can put these on the back and they'll grab for their favorite snack which gives the illusion of touching the cake.

4. Their outfit for the session and a change of clothes to go home in. Usually they'll only last for one outfit for the session and they'll be naked for the bath. They'll need a change of clothes to go home in if they get messy with cake. 

5. I'll provide towels for the splash and of course all the props of the theme that you've chosen unless we've discussed anything differently. 

Other helpful tips

1. Please make sure you baby is well rested. We try to schedule the sessions around nap times so that they're the happiest possible!

2. Full tummies make happy faces so make sure your precious one has a full tummy and even bring extra milk/snacks for them just in case. 

3. Don't forget your diaper bag and any extra hair styling tools needed. I have a small baby brush and some headbands but sometimes that fine baby hair may need some gel or hairspray.


When do I get my pictures?

The average turn around time is 2-3 weeks depending on the season. In busy seasons It may take up to a month but that is rare. Once your images are ready (or before), we will schedule a time to meet in the studio or virtually online for a Reveal/Design meeting. At this meeting you will experience the excitement of seeing your images for the first time. This is also when you will choose the images you want as well as when I will help you design the plan on how you will use your images (wall art, photobooks, etc). You will receive information ahead of time on this process. 

If time allows, and depending on your choice on the contract, I will also post a "Sneak Peek" on social media so that you will be able to share them. It really helps my reach/visibility if you can hit "share" on your sneak peek as well as tag the business in the post you make when you share. 


Once we have our reveal meeting, I will give you a link to an online gallery. Please feel free to share your gallery with friends or family. They are able to purchase prints/digital images through your gallery.


All about the love

I LOVE my clients and appreciate that you choose me to be a part of your life. If you don't mind showing the love in return, in addition to sharing the images on social media, I could really use some more review on FB, Yelp, and Google. 


I will be sending an email about this with links after your session.


Looking forward to it!


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