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How to prepare for your beach session

1. Expect the unexpected. Come prepared for bug bites, hunger, thirst, scrapes, sweat, spit up, getting sandy/wet/muddy, etc. You never know what will suddenly demand attention during your session. Oh! Because we'll be at the beach, extra towels and jugs of clean water to clean feet before getting in the car are a great idea.


2. Get sleep! This sounds so simple but is so important to having happy, less stressful portraits. Sleep for mom and dad is important but even more so for little ones. 


3. Full tummies make happy faces. Make sure to have eaten a big meal or substantial snack before coming. It's always a good idea to have simple, "clean" snacks on hand for little ones during the shoot as well. 

4. Be ready early. Nobody is relaxed and happy when you're running late so the best plan is to get ready early and come to your session relaxed.

5. Come 5-10 minutes early. I find its always helpful for kids to have time to observe and explore their environment before being asked to do things in it. By getting there early it helps them to get their curiosity out. Plus, if you're like me you may have a tendency to run late. I try to stay as close to on time as I can so I don't have the ability to add extra time to your session if you're late.


During the session


Relax and have fun! Your session will include some posed photos as well as some candid photos. I will probably make a fool of myself in order to get some giggles, but it will be worth it when you see your gallery!


Because little kids (and some adults!) will normally not last long for a session,  I will work fast and provide some play time.


*Remember, not everyone has to be looking at the camera to create a beautiful photo. Therefore, come prepared to play, twirl, dance, tickle, have fun. There will be times where I just watch you interact and capture those moments as well.


I will do my best to capture full family portraits (we will start with these) as well as various groupings as time allows. If you have any special requests please let me know ahead of time.

What to wear

1. It's a good idea to plan to dress up. Nobody ever regrets "over dressing" for their portraits. That being said, we will most likely get wet and sandy so don't wear something that will ruin easily. I'm happy to look at what you've chosen, give you ideas, etc. Just message me!


2. Coordinate, don't match. For example, don't all wear the same color shirts (matching kids are ok), instead, pick 2-3 colors and coordinate. Mix colors, patterns, etc. It's always a good idea to start with a plaid and work off of that.

3. Please check out the album "What to Wear" on my Pinterest page for ideas.  I am happy to give input if you would like to send me pics of your outfits ahead of time.


Here's the link: What to wear


4. Makeup. Go a little darker with your eye makeup than you normally would. It never looks as vibrant on camera as it looks in the mirror. Be sure to include a lipstick or lipgloss as you're getting ready.

5. Men and children should wear chapstick to help their lips not look too dry.

6. Because it's usually windy on the beach, I suggest pulling hair back, especially for children-braids, ponytails, etc. Don't forget to hair spray everybody!


When do I get my pictures?

The average turn around time is 2-3 weeks depending on the season. In busy seasons It may take up to a month but that is rare. Once your images are ready (or before), we will schedule a time to meet in the studio or virtually online for a Reveal/Design meeting. At this meeting you will experience the excitement of seeing your images for the first time. This is also when you will choose the images you want as well as when I will help you design the plan on how you will use your images (wall art, photobooks, etc). You will receive information ahead of time on this process. 

If time allows, I will also post a "Sneak Peek" on social media after our Reveal Meeting so that you will be able to share them. 


Once we have our reveal meeting, I will give you a link to an online gallery. Please feel free to share your gallery with friends or family. They are able to purchase prints/digital images through your gallery.


All about the love

I LOVE my clients and appreciate that you choose me to be a part of your life. If you don't mind showing the love in return, it really helps get my name out there if you will "share" the album/images that I post of you as well as what you loved about your experience with me.


If you can take a minute to post a good review, here are a few questions to help with some ideas as well as the links to the 3 most common review outlets:

1. What kind of sessions did I do for you? 


2. What characteristic was most important to you in choosing a photographer and how did I meet that need?


3. What 3 adjectives would best describe your experience? Feel free to describe those in short detail.


4. What was your biggest concern and how did I help overcome it?


5. What was your favorite part of the service you received?


6. Was there a part of your experience that was a pleasant surprise?


7. What would you tell someone else considering whether or not to invest in a photo shoot experience with me?


Lastly, in the near future I would love to do some short video testimonials to include on my website. Would you let me know if that is something you would be willing to help with?


FB review: FB Review Page

Google: Google Review Page

Yelp: Yelp Review Page


Thank you!

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