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Flour Angel Composite.jpg

Dream Series:

Christmas can still be magical...even in 2020!

Christmas Composites

What is a composite?

It's a combination of 2 or more photos into one.

Here are the great things about these photos:


1. You can live anywhere! You don't have to live in NC.

2. You can include anyone: kids, couples, whole families, etc.

3. You get 4 templates to choose from.

4. These are perfect for kids who don't always cooperate in normal photo situations.

5. You can avoid "The Rona" completely!

6. You get a magical photo worthy of a place on your wall!

7. You will get access to videos on how to take the photo of your child/family.

What will you get?

1. One high res digital download (no watermark).

2. One low res digital with my watermark on it for sharing on social media.

3. A print release form for personal use. 

How will this work?

You will click on this link and purchase the image(s) you want. 


Within 24 hours of purchase you will receive a "Thank You" email with directions on how to take the photo. Once you take the photo you will reply to that email and attach the photos you want us to use in your Santa creation. The email will give you details. 

*Emails with attached photos MUST be received within 48 hours of "Thank you" email or else the purchase will be cancelled and funds returned. 

Small print:

1. Results vary depending on the quality and technical ability to match the examples given of the photograph supplied to Ashlie Nicole Photography to be used.

3. Turn around time is 2 weeks or less (usually within 2-3days) 

4. Sales tax is required for North Carolina residents. 

Four templates to choose from:
*Prices vary depending on image, number of people, & amount of Photoshop work needed.

Flour Angels Digital Background 8 by Sum
Christmas Window #2.jpg

Flour Angel #1: Up to 2 children

Window #1: Up to 2 children

Flour Angel Composite.jpg

Flour Angel #2: Up to 5 children

Christmas Window #2.jpg

Window #2: One child only

Learn how to take your photos here.


Flour Angels

1 child: $50

Additional children $10/each

Up to 5 subjects

*Sales tax is required for NC residents.

Window #1

1 child: $75

Additional child $15

*Sales tax is required for NC residents.

Window #2

1 child: $85

*Sales tax is required for NC residents.

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