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Imperfectly Perfect

When we dream of "the big day" we rarely imagine things going wrong. Quite the opposite. Whether it's the influence of media or our own desire for one moment untouched and unblemished from reality, we aim and yearn for the perfect wedding. But if we're being honest, that just doesn't exist. I've worked and attended many weddings and I have yet to see a "perfect" one. Even my own wedding ended up with the wrong flowers and no way to get a hold of the florist or fix it!

However, I would propose to you that there is beauty in the flaws. Memories in the mistakes. Laughter in the last minute changes. Whether it's the groom or beauty professionals arriving late, short dresses or small tuxes, scared ring bearers or crying flower girls, loud babies or missing rings, one perfect thing will ALWAYS happen. At the end of the night, the two people who love each other and have entered into covenant with each other, will be married. And that is more beautiful than any of the decorations, any fun in the dancing, or laugher with loved ones. In that commitment we see perfection even in the midst of imperfection, and it's beautiful.

On April 27th I had the joy of photographing these two as they got married at The Grand Hall at Deer Lake Lodge. No, not everything went as planned, but there was joy, and laughter, and dancing, and most of all, two people in love joined in marriage.

Please enjoy the sneak peek of this gorgeous couple's imperfectly perfect wedding. Comment with your imperfect wedding mishaps below.

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