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"Fall"-ing in Love with North Carolina

The first REAL Fall through a child's eyes.

As many of you know, we recently moved to Concord, North Carolina from Texas. What you may not know is that my kids have never seen a REAL Fall before...and it's been 16 years for me!

When the leaves first started to fall I called the kids outside and said, "Look, guys! Know what that is?". With big smiles on their face all 3 looked around and my oldest said, "It's a REAL Fall!". Haha! So of course, like any good photographer mom,

we had to do a our front yard!!

The leaves keep changing more and more everyday, and to hear the awe in their voices as we drive (& even look around in our own yard) is balm to my soul as we all endure such a difficult year. "Wow! Look at that!", "I love the red!", "My favorite is the yellow!".

While we've been working hard to get the new studio up and running in the midst of adjusting to a new state, job, school, friends, home, climate, etc., I'm trying to store up the little joys in my heart. What little joys have you found?

*We'd appreciate it if you'd spread the news of Ashlie Nicole Photography with any of your North Carolina connections! While our main focus isn't families any more, we will still be doing Fall and Spring Mini-Sessions so join the newsletter to get first access!


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