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The perfect photo you'll never see.

Are you a digital image hoarder? Have you added a child to your family...maybe years ago…and still don’t have a family portrait that includes them hanging on the wall? Do you have those newborn portraits safe and sound living on your hard drive where you NEVER see them? Or maybe the last decent photo you have of you with your spouse is at your wedding…15 years and 3 hair styles ago. If you’re like me then the answer is “YES”!

As a photographer the fact that I can answer “yes” to almost all of those questions is embarrassing to say the least. But it got me thinking…why DON’T I have my precious family memories on display where we can actually see them and enjoy them? I mean, isn’t that the point? Nobody has their picture taken planning to never look at them. The answer was simple. It’s because nobody ever helped me actually get it done. We live in a fast paced society and once we check things off our list we tend to move on and forget about them. I’m a mom of 3, run a business, am involved in our church, take care of my home, husband, etc. I’m sure your list is long as well. So who has time to design a photo book or plan out what pictures to hang and where? We are well intentioned but intensions aren’t very productive.

Then one day I was walking with a client and she told me that she too hadn’t done anything with the last images she purchased from almost a year ago. She asked me to come to her house and help her plan out what images to put on her walls and what products to purchase. This was a wakeup call for me and helped me realize that as wonderful as the digital age is, it has a major flaw, and I can do something about it.

To answer the desperate call of the perfect photo that’s sitting on your hard drive, Ashlie Nicole Photography now offers a a custom Reveal Meeting as part of our boutique services where a couple of things happen:

1. After your session we meet in the studio or virtually (via Zoom) and we recreate the

excitement we used to have when we saw our images for the first time!

2. I help you plan out how to actually use your images so they’ll be seen. We knock out

your photo to-do list together. Accountability = productivity! I can design photobooks

for you, photo boxes, or order all kinds of wall art including canvas, metal prints, wood

prints, framed prints, etc.

The service I’m most excited about is where I take a picture of YOUR wall and show you what your images will look like in your home BEFORE you order. I can show you the images to scale in a variety of products so that together we can give your memories a place to be seen. And upon request I can even come and hang the art on your wall.

So now that the roadblocks have been removed, let’s get the memories we’ve captured together on your walls or on your coffee table for everyone to enjoy. Your memories deserve to be seen!

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