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What's in a name?

To kick off big announcement week, it is with great excitement that I finally get

to tell you that Captured Photography is now officially Ashlie Nicole

Photography. The good news is that Ashlie Nicole Photography will still

operate with the same goal as Captured Photography. That is, a personalized

boutique service that strives to not only capture photos of your important

life moments in a beautiful way, but also to help you place them in your

home soon after to be enjoyed. Ashlie Nicole is the same company everyone

has come to love with a slightly new look.

So, why the change? When I chose the name Captured Photography, I

wanted a unique name that reflected the art that I love creating. However, I

had also just had a baby, so I was struggling to be my most creative self

while sleep deprived. There’s a reason that sleep deprivation is a form of

torture! I know all of you parents can relate! I chose the name Captured

Photography, and I simply just knew I liked the sound of it. I didn’t realize at

the time that there were many versions of that name already being used.

Nonetheless, the name ‘Captured Photography’ served me well, and I have

been able to successfully grow as a brand, but it was brought to my

attention repeatedly that a change was needed.

I thought about unique names and continued to research a name that would

set myself up for a successful future. The feedback was the same. What is

the first word that came out of a client’s mouth when someone asked them,

“Who took those beautiful pictures of you and your family?” The answer is,

“Ashlie.” So, I started to run with it. ‘Ashlie Nicole Photography’. Simple.

Elegant. Personal. I combined those three words to redesign my logo and